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Having the best product or service doesn’t mean anything if nobody knows about it. You need the right message, a story that sticks. How can you create a credible message that mobilizes the right opinion leaders? What do your customer’s decision makers want? With which pain points and concrete results can their attention be drawn?

To have an impact on your customers, your communication must be consistent, credible and inspiring.

For the message to be effective, it must be simple, consistent and credible. A good story evokes emotions. With the right messaging framework, the message can be tailored for each target group. In today’s world, information is ‘democratized’: Through online media, your customer forms an opinion and unconsciously decides whether he / she can trust you or not. Without consistency across all communication channels, you will not be able to win the trust of your customers, and you will not be able to influence their buying behaviour.


Research shows that companies with a clear vision are more successful. A vision gives the company and its employees orientation. It motivates and binds people. It describes what your business stands for, why it exists, where it goes. Your vision describes what makes your company special.

A vision gives the company and its employees orientation, it motivates and binds people.

We help you with a vision for the future of your company, to determine the point on the horizon. A vision to explain the deeper meaning, ambitions, motives, norms and values of your company while avoiding empty phrases. It creates the indispensable connection with the outside world. A good vision connects strategic positioning with an unmistakable profile and serves as a starting point for all communication.



Your buyers expect that all interactions focus on their specific needs. Your product or service is the vehicle to meet these needs. To reach them, you must establish the connection between your customers and your offer. Your message must address each desired target group in their own needs. It needs to clarify the urgency and clearly state actual issues and promised outcomes.

A good messaging framework keeps your communication consistent.

We help you to create a messaging framework that keeps your communication consistent and ensures an outside-in approach. We link the right message to every phase in the customer’s life cycle. With the help of the framework, every relationship manager in your company sends the same message to your customers, tailor-made for the specific needs of each target group. The framework serves as a blueprint for all communication on a subject and it shows your customers the full breadth of your thoughts, ideas and solutions.


If the storyline is not effective, buyers struggle to understand the unique value you can bring them. This leads to higher customer acquisition costs, ineffective marketing campaigns and loss of income. With a good story you grab their attention. It connects your contribution with the fulfilment of your customers’ needs.

A good storyline connects people, creates trust, inspires and makes people want to know more.

A good storyline connects people, creates trust, inspires and makes people curious for more. We help you to tell a story that builds interest, creates relationships, conveys emotions and closes with a positive outcome. The building blocks of your story, the needs and desires, the compelling reasons for buying and the specific features of your offer must be emphasized and repeated in as many of your stories as possible. This will give your customers a clear picture of yourself and what you stand for.


The internet has changed the way we buy. Customers first search online for information about a service or product before they enter a store to buy a product. Google calls it the Zero Moment of Truth – or simply ZMOT. But in today’s world, it is not just a single moment, it is a series of “micro moments”. The moments when customers act on a need, learn something, do something, discover something, look at something or buy something.

Customers expect solutions the moment they encounter the problem.

These are the important moments. Moments where decisions are made and preferences shaped. Above all, today’s customers expect solutions at the very moment they encounter a problem. Recognizing and accepting that the buying journey has changed permanently is the first step in reshaping your marketing and sales activities. We help you identify these micro moments and understand how you can make the most out of every single one. We help you to participate in every step of the buying process and to capture the attention of your customers.

Inspire your customers!

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