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Defining the new match

Meet your customers!

If a person wants to hang up a photo, he or she has not a need for a hammer. He or she wants to hang the photo to look at it. The need is in the viewing. The hammer is only important insofar as it helps to fulfil the need. Nowadays many people only view their photos on their smartphones. They do not need a hammer anymore.

We help you to choose your unique sweetspot.

You want to meet the real needs of your customers. And you want to do this better than your competitors. With our Sweetspot module, we help you to recognize the changing needs of your customers. We look at the person behind the customer. What are their wishes, worries and needs? What drives them and what holds them back? We’ll work with you on how to make the most of your unique capabilities to meet those needs and desires. We help you to develop new business models that you can generate added value for your customers and open up new revenue streams for yourself.


Today’s customers follow their own buying process. To buy from you, you have to give them exactly what they need when they need it. To get to know what your customers really wants, you have to empathize with them. They expect ‘unique experiences’, social responsibility and convenience. They want to know how your products can improve their lives, right now.

Your customers have different needs and emotions.

Your customers are driven by different needs and emotions. Often they expect personal contact, and some value most to be “in charge”. And when they buy, they all want good value for money. But they also expect you to make a real effort to win their trust, be proactive and consistent, and have a true understanding of their background and history. We help you to develop your own specific approach to meet the different needs and emotions of your customers.


The customer journey has changed. What was once one-way communication is now a conversation. Word of mouth is stronger than ever. We explore with you the person behind “the customer”. What does he / she want to achieve and how are his / her needs expressed in daily life? In this way an abstract customer becomes a person of flesh and blood, a real person that you can address.

We explore the person behind ‘the customer’.

By creating personas, we highlight the important moments in the customer journey. With the help of individual roles we bring motives, wishes and goals to life. Personas help you to really understand the frictions in the customer journey. This allows you to address your customers more effectively: you show that you know their industry, companies and departments. You understand the worries and hardships that a specific role entails. The finance department has different needs than marketing. Once all critical aspects of the customer journey have been identified, the basis for consistent communication has been laid, both digitally and personally.


As your customers’ needs change, you need to find new, innovative ways to create value for your customers. You have to incorporate their needs into your business strategy and combine it with what is technologically feasible. We help you to creatively use the new digital possibilities to create new opportunities and better serve your customers.

The job that your customer is trying to do is to be the core of your value creation.

Technology is only a means. True innovation occurs when you succeed in organizing new technologies in such a way, that your customer is better equipped to solve his/ hers challenge. “People don’t want to buy a quarter-inch drill. They want a quarter-inch hole to hang something up.” Do not just look at the ‘tool’ for innovation, focus at its purpose. Leapstrat helps you to adapt your portfolio to the new possibilities. We help you develop new ideas by identifying adjacent domains and partners that can complement and enhance your services. With that you have all the building blocks for assembling new value propositions for your customers.


New, innovative value propositions often require new business models to actually generate and deliver those values. This increasingly happens via digital platforms and complex ecosystems. Digitization creates new, more efficient markets. Markets that your customers use more and more often. Markets where they can find what they need when they need it.

We help you to unlock new markets and revenue sources.

Leapstrat helps you develop the business model that fits you and your unique value proposition: Together with you we look for the right channels, the right partners, and the right markets. We help you to find your place within the increasingly complex ecosystems. We support you in developing the appropriate revenue models: physical and / or digital, one-off and / or as a subscription, as a separate product and / or as a ‘turn-key’ solution.


Open up new revenue sources

Adapt to the ever changing needs of your customers.