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Truthful to your own DNA

Future Identity helps you to renew your unique identity for the markets of the future. We help you to make the DNA of your company explicit. What were the initial passions and what led to the first successes? The Bravado stories? Who were and are the heroes of the company?

Customers buy when they can identify with your company.

With your DNA, your core values as a starting point, we look at the future: is your original identity still valid or has it changed in the course of time? Should it be adjusted to remain relevant? From here, we develop your future identity, the new core messages and your new role in the markets of the future. Because customers buy when they can identify with your company. And you will also be more attractive to talented employees.


The future is not a ‘single’ place, the future offers myriads of opportunities. And we thrive best when we rely on our strengths. We help you to rediscover and expand these strengths. In order to identify the driving forces in everything you do, we look at your origins and your present.

Use your strengths to shape the future.

If you know your past and your strengths, you can look beyond the commonplace. It allows you to envision alternative futures scenario’s. We help you to express what your business stands for, its purpose, its right to exist. These values and guiding principles are what makes you unique, distinguishing you from your competitors and help you to gain the trust and loyalty of your customers and employees. Leapstrat helps you to renew your unique brand promise for the markets of the future.


Many companies focus on what they do and how they do things. They focus on tactics and strategies. In a changing world where the needs of their customers are changing, these companies become reactive. They change what they do and how they do it, but they lose the ability to anticipate the true needs of their customers.

What do your customers really want in this digital world? And what does that mean for you?

We help you to adapt your brand promise to the changing needs of your customers. What do your customers really want in this digital world? What is valuable to them and when do they feel uncomfortable? And what does that mean for your company? What needs of your customers can and do you want to fulfil? We help you to create a clear mission for the markets of the future. A mission that puts your customers first.

By looking at other, adjacent domains, refreshing viewpoints and new possibilities arise

To re-new your promise to your customers, you need to take a broader look than just your own industry. We help you to look at adjacent sectors for new value propositions. Digital technologies are causing the boundaries between different industries and business models to fade. As a result, new cross-sector products and services can be created.

‘Industry fluidity’ will have a major impact on your corporate identity.

Business models, products, services, markets, channels, ecosystems and processes are changing ever faster. This will have a profound impact on your corporate identity. We help you to manage this transformation successfully, to design new products and services, to connect with your customers – today and tomorrow.




We cannot predict the future, but we can identify the driving forces behind structural change, such as urbanization, digitization, aging and others.

Scenarios tell you what is possible and help you to make your own choices.

Based on the for you most relevant factors, we create 4 easily accessible scenarios for your future. For example, we relate the degree of digitization to the level of customer value added. By means of a force field analysis of the different scenarios, you gain insight into the different causes for success or failure. In this way, we develop the knowledge you need to make the right decisions for the future.



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