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Our Situation Scan gives you the necessary context about and insight into the consequences of digitization for your company. This allows you to make better, fact-based decisions. Not everything being hyped today will be a trend tomorrow. Not every innovation is ‘disruptive’. We look beyond the hype. Your specific situation is our starting point: How do new technologies effect the needs of your customers? And what does that mean for your business environment?

We differentiate between trend and hype so you can make better, fact-based decisions.

Our Situation Scan does not look at single technologies in isolation. It looks at multiplier effects between multiple technologies and identifies underlying patterns. Patterns that can transform your industry and can create new and truly innovative ways of serving the needs of your customers. We give you a clear impact analysis with business options for your future.


Leapstrat does not look at the different technological developments in isolation but in their combination. This way, we create a deeper understanding of the opportunities, risks and consequences of these new technologies. No matter what industry you are in, it is more than just one new technology that changes the lives of your customers.

It is the combination of different technologies that changes everything, merges the digital and physical world.

Data generated through multiple apps, enriched with sensor data and combined with environmental data from drones. Processed by an AI engine to recognize new patterns: It is the combination that changes everything, that merges the digital and physical worlds. More and more this leads to a highly interconnected real-time economy with complex ecosystems and connected supply chains.

Not everything that is new, is here to stay. Leapstrat looks at the underlying patterns.

First there is a trigger, an innovative idea, then a phase of exaggerated expectations, followed by disappointment before an idea becomes productive. But not every idea makes it to productivity. While some ideas change everything. We look at the underlying principles and patterns: Does your idea addresses a real need, does it solve a real problem?

We look at the underlying principles and patterns to identify opportunities and avoid risks.

Is it in line with other long-term developments that occur simultaneously in multiple organizations or in society? Innovation does not necessarily have to lead to disruption. But if it does, it displaces an existing market, industry or technology. It produces something new, something more efficient and useful. It is both destructive and creative. We help you recognize opportunities and avoid risks. Because you need to know where to invest.



Digitization is changing the nature of the business. It reduces transaction costs, enables unprecedented personalization and is extremely scalable. The more people, businesses and things in the digital world are interacting, the higher the potential value that can be generated.

To capitalize on digital connections, you need to work together.

To monetize these digital connections, you must work together. By sharing critical resources such as algorithms and data, you are better able to achieve your goals, both individually and collectively with your partners and customers. We analyse how you can optimally use your networks, communication channels and customer relations to develop new revenue streams and fully use the opportunities of digitization.


Digital ecosystems are the basis of many successful new business models. At its core is the platform, that serves as the foundation for the participants’ products and services. The platform is made possible by digital technologies and brings together organizations with complementary competencies for individual and mutual benefit.

We show you the potential benefits of digital ecosystems so that you can decide on your role yourself.

We look at existing or new ecosystems in your industry. Together with you, we analyse the potential benefits of ecosystems for your customers and your company, so that you can decide for yourself about your role and level of involvement.

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