Leapstrat provides an integrated 4-step approach - so that you can take your future in your own hands.

Our approach enables you to make informed decisions. It creates a clear vision for your organization and aligns your product or service portfolio to the needs of your customers – so that you can unlock new revenue sources.

1. Situation Scan

The Situation Scan reduces uncertainties and enables you to make better, fact-based decisions. It offers you relevant insights and context in the developments within your sector. We always look at the latest technology developments and their potential impact on your company and the needs of your customers. ​

  • Trendanalysis and -monitoring
  • Impact of new technologies and digitization on your industry
  • Maturity, value chains and business ecosystems
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Customer specific trend and market analysis

2. Future Identity

With a clear identity you distinguish yourself from others. As a result customers want to buy from you. And it makes you attractive to talented employees. Future Identity helps you to renew your unique identity for the markets of the future.

  • Today’s and future values
  • Your promises to your customers
  • A clear vision and mission for maximum impact
  • Clear choices on the very core of your business
  • Scenarios to anticipate the future

3. Sweetspot

With our Sweetspot we help you to develop new sources of income. Putting your customers at the center, we help you to find new, innovative ways to address their needs. We explore how you can optimally use your unique competencies to create even more value for your customers, today and in the future.

  • Customer persona’s, needs and motivations
  • (Re-) positioning of your product and / or service portfolio
  • Clearly defined ‘urgency of purchase’
  • Business models to create more value for your customers​

4. Ready2Run

Ready2Run helps you to find the right message to convey your unique offer to clients and business influencers. What will be your new brand promise, who is your future customer and what does your new Elevator Pitch look like? We help you with a credible and powerful message with maximum impact through a consistent Messaging Framework.

  • Comprehensive business and brand positioning
  • Credible key messages to mobilize your audience
  • Consistent messaging framework for marketing and sales activation
  • Concrete actionplan for strategy implementation​

Your personal action plan

So that you are still successful tomorrow