Who are we

Irene van der Krol Leapstrat

Irene van der Krol, Co-founder

My mission is to inspire companies to look beyond the horizon, to show them entirely new perspectives and options that are first overlooked. I am strong at discovering patterns, where others only see complexity.
As a PhD historian I am aware of change. I focus is on what remains and what not, on the underlying principles that determine our future. Only by knowing the past, recognizing one’s own biases, we create the freedom to think about alternative scenarios for the future. The accelerating technological revolution will change the relationship between man and technology, our way of doing things and our identity. My passion is to help people shape this change, to contribute to a better future in which we can all thrive.

Only by knowing the past we create the freedom to think about alternative scenarios for the future.

I love challenges and I am result-oriented. During the 19 years that I worked for leading ICT companies, my main focus was how we can create more customer value from technology. I have worked many years at the intersection of strategy, research and marketing. I provide applicable insights and advice for the executive management on growth opportunities, vision, strategy, innovation and digital transformation.

Sven Windprechtinger, Co-founder

I find the future fascinating: looking for possibilities, coming up with solutions that few people have ever thought of. My passion is helping my clients understand the developments of our time better, provide insights into the underlying principles and help them develop options. Options that go beyond the commonplace, the familiar, or the obvious. Options that put their customer first. Because the ‘standard solution’ will not be good enough for a future that will be fundamentally different.

In a future that will be fundamentally different, the ‘standard solution’ will not be good enough.

By identifying obstacles and turning them into opportunities, I can help my clients make their own choices, shape their own future. That is what really motivates me. I have been working as a consultant for more than 20 years and during that time I worked for many blue chip companies and leading consultancy firms. My focus is on the intersection of strategy, marketing & sales and technology. Altogether, I help my clients translate: From goal to strategy, from strategy to process and from process to system design and configuration. I stand for a no-nonsense approach and tangible results.

Sven Windprechtinger Leapstrat

What others say

  • Combined with her background in history Irene can provide great value guiding the future by looking at the past and being able to explain the change in a strategic context.

    Maurice Remmé
    Director Portfolio Management
  • They quickly grasp our business objectives. We still rely on them not just to give us what we want, but to figure out what we really need.

    Head of data supply chain, global FMCG brand
  • The outcome was hands-on, something to start with right now. This gave me a lot of positive energy. I want to recommend Leapstrat to everyone who looks for an authentic and personal approach and concrete outcomes.

    Tommy Deblieck
    Managing Director Zora Robotics