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‘The human advantage’ - The success of digital is analogue: meaning people

In short:

  • Discover new ideas and opportunities, act accordingly and convert them into value.
  • The right knowledge, in the right place at the right time.
  • Up to 3 times more effective employees.
Your challenge

Your challenge

You have your affairs in order. You have a professional organization. Processes are organized as efficiently as possible. Everyone has their place and knows what to do. You are determined to keep up with the times. And you know this means you have to innovate. But tangible success is scarce.

And that is not only because your organization lacks the right skills. It is the ‘stability’ of roles and processes too which hinders real change to be carried through. To really innovate, you need an organization that adapts dynamically. An organization that doesn’t need to be told what to do, but what to achieve.

This requires new knowledge, skills and attitudes. In short, you need an adaptive organization.

Framework for an innovative organisation

Leapstrat has developed a framework for the innovative organization: The 3 different maturity levels clearly describe the characteristics needed within your organization for different types of innovation.

The professional organization is best suited to further optimize existing processes and products. The adaptive organization creates extra value through innovation. It focuses on the new possibilities of technology to really do things differently, to develop new and enriched products and services. The anticipating organization goes one step further. Not just “renewing”, but developing something completely new. They want to become the “new Google or Uber”.

Whatever the ambition and objective of your organization, our framework gives you the instrument to align your talent strategy with these ambitions and objectives. And it helps you to optimally coordinate your competence and career management with this strategy.

But as of today, a large majority of organizations faces the challenge to become more adaptive.

Leapstrat framework for the innovative and learning organisation

Framework innovative organisation

Integrated, inclusive and talent driven

Approach innovative organisation

An approach across three dimensions

We help you step by step to complete this transition successfully.

We start by translating your strategic objectives into critical competencies. Here, we not only consider the ‘hard’ professional knowledge. But above all, we include digital capabilities and ‘soft’ skills. Then, we determine together with you the optimal allocation of these competencies across your organization.

To harmonize individual and new organizational needs, we design new dynamic career paths based on a modular competence framework. For each employee we identify together with you the talent and growth potential as well as the and corresponding learning and development needs. We also help you with setting up the mentoring process.

Now that the employees know what to learn, we need to develop and set up the appropriate learning offer. Because learning is only effective once the learned can directly be put into practice, the moment of learning is also important. Through the mentoring process your employees will be supported to follow the right training at the right time.

The result is an organization that is able to discover new ideas and opportunities, to act accordingly and turn them into value.

Why Leapstrat

  • Integrated: We do not look at digitalisation, organizational change and digital dexterity in isolation, but in their close interdependence.
  • Inclusive: We believe that every employee is of value.
  • Talent driven: We build on the capacity and potential of you and your people.

Up to 3 times more effective employees?

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Kickstart Package

Kickstart, Zora, Robot

The roadmap for success in the markets of the future - specific for your company!

You believe that a well-run company has to be prepared for the future. But prepared for what future? What are the first concrete steps that you have to take today? And how can you be sure that you keep costs under control?
Leapstrat can help you. With our Kickstart Package you will receive your customized roadmap for success in the markets of the future within two weeks: concrete steps and a solid planning, based on your specific situation and at a fixed price.

Do you also think that a well-run company must be prepared for the future? Do not hesitate and take the first simple steps together with Leapstrat.

For this we have combined our Situation Scan with our Digital Maturity Scan.
Our Situation Scan offers you relevant insights into the market environment of your company. It gives you a picture of what you can expect, what you need to be prepared for. What are possible, disruptive technologies? Which impact do they have on the needs and wishes of your customers? What does this mean for the market dynamics of your sector and the competitive position of your company? Hereby, the focus is always on the needs of your customers.

Our Digital Maturity Scan examines where you stand today. It looks at all customer-oriented processes and visualizes your current digital maturity to meet the ever-changing needs of your customers. Is your company able to offer them the experiences they desire? Do you give them the products or services they need to solve their problems?

In an interactive workshop we help you to define your own roadmap: what is your specific answer to the challenges of the outside world? Which are the skills you need? What is a logical sequence and a realistic plan to achieve your goal?

Order your personal Kickstart Package and get your own roadmap for the future within 2 weeks!