Exploring beyond the hype


Artificial intelligence, robots, Internet of Things and much more: do you also ask yourself what this means for you, your company and your customers?
We are Leapstrat, an experienced consulting firm that helps you discover and exploit new opportunities. We advise you in developing your growth strategy and in designing new business and revenue models. So that you can be successful in the markets of the future. We do this from a clear and independent vision, based on identity, integrity and trust. With personal attention and focus on your specific situation.

Leapstrat helps you to be successful in the markets of the future.

We offer you relevant context on the developments in your sector and the impact of technology. Our approach helps you make informed choices, shape your own future and develop new, innovative value propositions for your customers, supported by an ‘elevator pitch’ for maximum impact. So that your company will remain relevant to your customers in the future. Your success is our motivation.

What makes us different

We connect the dots

We take your identity as the basis for change

We believe in relationships based on trust and human contact

We translate technology into business value

We do not look at trends in isolation, but in their interdependence. We make complexity understandable and offer clear options for action.

Your identity makes you special, makes you different from others. You decide yourself who you want to be in the future, what stays and what does not.

We work on the basis of respect and trust. Only in dialogue, from person to person, can we shape a viable future.

Zora; technology value

Technology is just the mean to help our customers. We focus on how this can be realized and what problem is actually solved.

Why should you care?

You want to be prepared for the future

You know that the world is changing. The pace of technological progress is accelerating and this is changing the lives of your customers. It changes what they need and what they want. That’s why you want to know what you need to do today to stay successful in the world of tomorrow.
You know that it is better to repair the roof while the sun is still shining. Today’s economic growth will not last forever. As soon as the next crisis comes, the competition will be more intense than ever. And probably your biggest competitor will be someone whose name you do not even know today.

Develop new revenue streams and attract new customers.

Get ready for the future. Unlock the creativity of your organization, find new and innovative ways to serve the changing needs of your customers. Develop new revenue streams and attract new customer groups. Ask us to help you, to become successful in the markets of the future.