Technology is changing the lives of your customers.

This will change what they want and what they need

If you want to stay successful, you need to change with them. Together with you we look for the right channels, partners and markets. We help you to use the opportunities of digitization and to renew your business model. To make you successful in the markets of the future.
Already today, your customers expect unprecedented convenience and efficiency, services that are accessible at a mouse click and personalized for their individual needs. What was just an idea yesterday, is normality today. And not only this development will not stop, it will accelerate even more.

Secure your place in the world of tomorrow.

Nobody knows where exactly digitization will take us, but the time for the ostrich policy has come to an end. If you don’t act today, your customers will make you redundant tomorrow. Where large corporations can still open their wallet if they risk to miss the boat, you as a medium-sized entrepreneur have to anticipate. You cannot and you do not want to spend millions on consulting projects or overpriced acquisitions.
Leapstrat offers you a clearly structured approach at favourable costs and with a focus on your very specific situation. To help you get started, we have combined our more than 20 years of experience with digitization in our Kickstart Package.
Do not wait until it’s too late. Take advantage of the opportunities of digitization and secure your place in the world of tomorrow.

The Leapstrat Kickstart Package: Your very own roadmap for the future in just 2 weeks.

When the lives and the needs of your customers are changing, you company needs to adapt. But where is this going? And to which extent is your company prepared for this? Our Kickstart Package gives you the answer to these questions. Within 2 weeks and at a fixed price.

Take the first simple steps together with Leapstrat.

To get there, we have combined our Situation Scan with our Digital Maturity Scan. The Situation Scan looks at the external environment of your company and covers the dimensions of customer, market, technology and competition. It gives you a clear picture of what you can expect. Our Digital Maturity Scan visualizes your personal maturity for the markets of the future. It covers the dimensions strategy, culture, customers, processes and data competence.
By combining the developments of the outside world with your company’s maturity level, we help you to create your specific roadmap for the markets of the future.

Order our Kickstart Package and get your Digital Maturity Scan for free!

Future ready in 4 steps

Leapstrat has developed an integrated 4-step approach so that you can take your future in your own hands.

We do this with a clear and independent vision based on identity, integrity and trust, with personal attention and focus on your specific situation.

Insights and context for better decisions:

We distinguish between trend and hype, between innovation and ‘disruption’. Our „Situation Scan“ tells you what to expect, what is here to stay and what is not.

Architecting your own future:

With „Future Identity“ you build your future on your origins. You stay true to yourself while responding to the ever-changing needs of your customers.

Defining the new match:

Our „Sweetspot“ helps you to develop new revenue sources. Discover new, innovative ways to create value for your customers.


Mobilizing your audience:

With „Ready2Run“ you create the right message, a storyline that sticks. Consistent, credible and inspiring, seamless across all communication channels.

Take your future in your own hands

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